Go See WIENER-DOG In The Theater, Get Yourself A Cool Free Danny DeVito Poster

Ah, APRICOTS! my favorite movie.

Todd Solondz’s Wiener-Dog, the story of a cute dachshund who journeys through several people’s lives, is in theaters now. As a really cool promotion, many of the theaters showing it also offer this super cool poster from within the film available for free until supplies run out. They look like this:

Apricots! may not be a film you are familiar with since it’s a fictional movie within a movie, hence why it stars Dave Schmerz instead of Danny DeVito. Sharp-eyed readers will note its similarity to a certain Woody Allen movie poster, however:

Here is a list of participating theaters. Ones followed by an asterisk will have a limited number of posters that are actually signed by Todd Solondz.

Landmark - LAND Uptown - Minneapolis, MN

Landmark - LAND Hillcrest - San Diego, CA

Landmark - LAND Ritz East - Philadelphia, PA

Landmark - LAND Seven Gables - Seattle, WA

Landmark - LAND Embarcadero - San Francisco, CA

Landmark - LAND Kendall Square - Cambridge, MA

Landmark - Atlantic Plumbing - Washington, DC

(There will be one autographed poster somewhere among these Landmark locations!)

Reading Cinemas - Angelika Film Ctr - New York, NY

Alamo Drafthouse - Alamo Drafthouse Winchester - Winchester, VA*

Alamo Drafthouse - Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park - Houston, TX

Alamo Drafthouse - Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers - Yonkers, NY*

Alamo Drafthouse - Alamo Drafthouse - Lubbock, TX*

Alamo Drafthouse - Alamo S. Lamar - Austin, TX*

Alamo Drafthouse - Alamo Mission - San Francisco, CA

Alamo Drafthouse - Alamo Drafthouse Montecillo - El Paso, TX

Bow Tie Cinemas - Annapolis - Annapolis, MD

Bow Tie Cinemas - Clairidge - Montclair, NJ

Bow Tie Cinemas - Cinema 100 - White Plains, NY

Bow Tie Cinemas - Manhasset - Manhasset, NY

Bow Tie Cinemas - Criterion - Richmond, VA

Pacific Theatre - ArcLight Hollywood - Los Angeles, CA

So get out this weekend to see Wiener-Dog and try your luck at nabbing one of these bad boys.