Here’s The First Poster For Adam Wingard’s THE WOODS

It's very red.

The first poster for Adam Wingard's secretive new horror flick, The Woods, has arrived. It's very red! 

My eyes keep trying to make sense of the negative space between those branches - surely there's something hidden in there! - but after much consideration I'm pretty sure I'm overthinking it. 

And while I dig the one-sheet (it's bold, simply designed, and features no floating heads: fair enough), it doesn't tell us much about the film. Let's reacquaint ourselves with the story of The Woods now: 

A group of college students on a camping trip discover they are not alone.

Well, that doesn't tell us much, either, but what the hell. After The Guest and You're Next, I think we should all be willing to trust Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, right? I'm looking forward to whatever this turns out to be. 

Here's the trailer, in case you missed it the first time:

The Woods will screen at next month's SDCC. You'll be hearing more about it then, but we'll all get the chance to see it when it opens on September 16th.