VIRAL Trailer Combines Your Three Biggest Fears: Drones, Diseases, And Being Spat On

If you liked Catfish, you’re going to love Worm Flu.

The dying zombie (sub)genre needs a shot to the arm, and injecting it with new ideas is the way to go. Case in point, Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman’s upcoming VOD release, Viral:

I’m not sure why Blumhouse pulled this from their theatrical schedule, but colour me interested in any film that takes a top-down systemic approach to a zombie outbreak, all while retaining the fun factor. Think Contagion, but if Gwenyth Paltrow got hangry instead of dying. Plus, the slow mental and physical deterioration was one of the best things about Maggie, and it makes it different enough from that AMC show about boring people who walk everywhere.

I like that the film treats zombie-ism as malice as opposed to mindlessness, and the ‘Worm Flu’ moniker sounds like a joke until you get to the end of the trailer. It has a sufficiently creepy look to it, and it’s going to be interesting to see how it’s received come July 29th.