Freeform Gets New Series ALONE TOGETHER From The Lonely Island

Just don’t expect Lonely Island to show up.

When I hear that The Lonely Island is making a TV show, my expectation is for there to be some Lonely Island action in it. But that’s not how the world works! Sometimes people you love just executive produce shows, which is the case here.

According to Variety, The Lonely Island will make a show for Freeform (formerly ABC Family) called Alone Together, which is about two (certainly not obnoxious) millennials who enjoy a “just pals” relationship while dealing with city-dwelling sitcom stuff. Esther Povitsky and Benji Afalo will star as the duo while also writing the show with Eben Russell. I don’t see any Lonely Islander names anywhere.

In all honesty, I love The Lonely Island, but this sounds like a bunch of other shows I never watch, and I can’t imagine figuring out what Freeform is enough to watch this either, which is a shame. Maybe it’ll come out and everyone will love it and I’ll feel like a big dumb idiot instead. But for now, the idea of watching two millennial not make out for several seasons doesn’t get me too excited. What do you think? Will the involvement of The Lonely Island elevate this or not matter at all?