New GHOSTBUSTERS Clip Explores Cool Updated Ghostbusting Gear

Be very careful with your high-fives around this lot.

It is now July, and Ghostbusters is right around the corner, ready to ruin the childhoods of a whole bunch of old dudes. If you assumed this new crew would take it easier on ghosts just because they are all ladies, this new clip proves that making ass-kicking ghost gadgets does not have a gender bias:

Kate McKinnon’s character isn’t messing around. When these ladies battle ghosts, they’re not just using classic proton packs -  they also have a wood chipper for ghosts and a ghost-punching glove. I doubt anyone’s ghost wants to be on the business end of those.

I’m getting more and more excited about Ghostbusters just as an action sci-fi movie filled with cool weapons and monsters. Nothing has convinced me it’ll be all that funny, but if it delivers on all this other stuff, does it have to be?

Ghostbusters comes out July 15.