The Canon Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

Devin's indulgence pick comes up for discussion!

A couple of episodes ago I proposed the idea of 'indulgence picks' - movies that Amy or I could nominate to the Canon that perhaps don't fit the usual standards of canonicity. This, I figured, would offer a nice chance to discuss a larger array of films and also give Amy and myself the chance to recommend to you, the dear listener, some of our favorite films. 

That was the intention at least. 

This week's episode is my indulgence pick, Re-Animator, and it didn't quite end up as a friendly discussion of one of my favorite films. This show is so unpredictable! I managed to not bang my head against the table this time. As of right now I'm losing in the poll, but I am counting on you guys to rally for me. Click here to vote

Next week: Boogie Nights vs There Will Be Blood! It's Paul Thomas Anderson's two widely accepted masterpieces going head to head, and only one can make it into the Canon.