The Russo Brothers To Adapt THE WARRIORS For Television

This could be incredible!

It’s early, and I doubt anyone is all that excited to be back at work today, so here’s some good news to help you along after a big three-day weekend.

According to Deadline, the Russo Brothers, you know, the guys who made the last two Captain America films and will make the next two Avengers movies, are going to adapt The Warriors for Paramount TV and Hulu.

Some of you may want to whip out pitchforks at the mere notion of remaking as classic a movie as The Warriors, but there’s a lot to consider here. One is the Russo Brothers themselves. With them guiding this along (Frank Baldwin is helping them write, and no director is attached yet), this isn’t something to just kick out of bed.

Also keep in mind that The Warriors is based on a book by Sol Yurick. While I’m sure they will utilize stuff made famous in Walter Hill’s film, it’s still a book adaptation as much as it’s a remake. Deadline claims this new version will “honor the original film while adding its own unique brand of grit, pulp, sex and violence” so I doubt this will be one of those Total Recall remake situations.

And last but not least, The Warriors is a perfect concept for hour-long television. Imagine how great following The Warriors’ journey home will be when it’s all spaced out and given room to feel epic and triumphant. Think about all the time they'll have to focus on that little shit Luther.

Obviously, this is a long way off, but it is now a project I look forward to with great anticipation. What do you think?