A New Trailer For STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE Is Headed Our Way

Better make sure you watch ABC's new STAR WARS special.

As pointed out by the good folks over at Making Of Star Wars, a brand-new Rogue One trailer's headed our way. The news has been revealed by - of all things - a cable listing for ABC's upcoming Star Wars special, Secrets Of The Force Awakens. Here's one such listing:

So, that's pretty cool. The last trailer, you'll recall, was just under two minutes long. This new one runs a super-sized three minutes long. And as an added bonus, you get an entire special about the making of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, just in case you're not ready to stop thinking or talking about that film.

Also on the horizon for Star Wars nerds: Star Wars Celebration, which is taking place over in London this year. That event will surely bring its own batch of goodies. Personally, I'm hoping we get a title for Rian Johnson's Episode VIII.

How about you guys?