Apparently Slimer Has A Wife In The New GHOSTBUSTERS

This raises a number of questions.

With Ghostbusters just over a week away, Sony's marketing blitzkrieg has begun to assume its final form: relentless TV spots, brand tie-ins as far as the eye can see, and, of course, the casual spoiling of minor gags. 

You know how it works. A campaign's early months are spent selling audiences on a concept. The campaign's punishing second act is spent selling audiences on the gee-whiz set pieces. But the campaign's final stage (which traditionally kicks in a week or two before the film arrives, but may be launched sooner if the first two parts of the campaign fall on their face) is spent casually spoiling cameos and/or gags that might convince fence-sitters that they really need to pre-purchase their opening night tickets. This is the studio's last chance to sell you on a movie before it arrives, and the casual spoiling of gags is a cherished and time-honored way of doing that.

Today we've got a TV spot that spoils a truly strange gag: the reveal that Slimer has a family.

Discussion questions are as follows:

  • That is supposed to be Slimer's wife, right? 
  • Can Slimers marry one another?
  • Are these Slimers fucking each other?
  • Can Slimers have children? Are they all home schooled?
  • How much Slimer are we getting in this movie, anyway? Seems like a lot.
  • Did this sell you on Ghostbusters?

Please provide your answers in the comments below. Show your work.

Paul Feig's Ghostbusters arrives next weekend. Got your tickets yet?