SPOILERS: These Photos May Reveal A Very Unexpected Location In THE DARK TOWER

Click through for what may be our first look at the house on Dutch Hill.

Warning: this post may contain big-ass spoilers. Read on at your own peril.

Over the weekend, two heroic Birth.Movies.Death. readers moseyed on down to the NYC set of The Dark Tower and snagged a bunch of great photos for us. Their pictures showed Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), the last Gunslinger in Mid-World, having a little chat with Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) on a NYC street. 

This was all very exciting! But the pictures raised a number of questions, the biggest of which was, "What the hell are Roland and Jake doing in New York City in the first Dark Tower movie?" What, indeed!

For starters, I would like to remind you that I've been warning everyone not to expect a straight-up adaptation of The Dark Tower for some time. And secondly, without getting too spoilery, I'll just say that a sizable portion of the film's third act deals with Roland and Jake in NYC. Suffice it to say that, over the course of the film, each will end up in the other person's world, and that both experience culture shock upon arrival. 

"But how does Roland end up in Jake's world? And how does Jake end up in Roland's?"

No comment on the former, but as to the latter: you may be able to draw some conclusions from two new Instagram posts (as helpfully pointed out on the r/TheDarkTower subreddit). 

First up, there's this pic, from IG user @coresolutionsnyc


And then there's this one, from @videorose


Further creepifying the haunted house across the street for the new Stephen King film #DarkTower

A photo posted by Rose VG (@videorose) on


"Why, that must be the house on Dutch Hill, the one that turns into a doorway demon and sends Jake into Roland's world!"

Yes, that would be a fair conclusion to draw.

"But that doesn't happen until book three. Why would it be in the first Dark Tower movie?"

Because, as you've been warned, The Dark Tower is not a straight-up adaptation. It is, if anything, a remix of the series mythology. Take that - and the photos above (which, yes, I am 99.999% certain are pictures of the house which Jake uses to travel to Mid-World) - as you will. 

SDCC's right around the corner, folks. My guess is we'll be seeing and hearing more from The Dark Tower then.

Just outta curiosity: where do you stand on this thing right now?