UPDATED: The DEADPOOL Sequel Gets A Poster And An Official Title (Not Really)

Appropriately poop-centric, of course.

UPDATE: Turns out we were a bit too quick on the jump here - this is fan art, nothing official. Let it remain here as a lesson to all of us (especially me). 

Surprise: Ryan Reynolds just popped up on Instagram to reveal what appears to be the title and first official poster for the Deadpool sequel.


Ahhhhh, @mutant101. Isn't this a felony?

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If we're to take this poster at face value, Deadpool 2 is actually titled Deadpool: Number Two. If we're to take its insinuations at face value, it will feature one or more of the X-Men, possibly even Wolverine and Professor X. That strikes me as very, very hard to believe. For one thing, I thought Hugh Jackman was for-realsies done playing Logan after filming wraps on Wolverine 3. For another, I simply can't imagine porting Jackman's Wolverine or Stewart/McAvoy's Professor X into the reality established in the first Deadpool.

Again: not saying its impossible, just that that's very hard to believe.  

Filming on Deadpool: Number Two begins this fall. Who do you think'll be joining in the fun this time?