BOJACK HORSEMAN’s Raphael Bob-Waksberg To Re-Write THE LEGO MOVIE 2

That’s a hard act to follow.

It’s hard to believe, but The Lego Movie came out all the way back in 2014. Its sequel, which was announced pretty soon after the original’s arrival, got pushed all the way to 2019. That gives the people behind it plenty of time to make sure it can live up to the first film.

And it looks like they’re making the most of it. According to Empire, the film will now get a re-write from Bojack Horseman’s Raphael Bob-Waksberg. While some may cry foul at the idea of someone desecrating a script by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, we don’t actually know the shape of that script. If it needs some work and Lord & Miller are too busy for it, bringing someone in to fix it up seems like the smart move.

As for Raphael Bob-Waksberg, most people I know absolutely adore Bojack Horseman, both for its humor and its pathos. That kind of entertaining complexity should help The Lego Movie 2 (or whatever they end up calling it) at least stand next to the original without devolving into the kind of brainless CG kid’s movie we all feared The Lego Movie would be.