I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER Trailer Features Christopher Lloyd Being A Total Serial Killer

Unless it's all misdirection, of course.

You know who we don't see enough of these days? Christopher Lloyd.

Y'know who else we don't see enough of? Max Records, who made one helluva memorable debut back in 2009 with Spike Jonze's Where The Wild Things Are (yes, he was also in 2011's The Sitter, but, like everyone else, you forgot that movie happened).

And y'know what sub-genre we've pretty much exhausted but will continue to mine in the slim hope of striking cinematic gold? The serial killer sub-genre.

Which brings us to Billy O'Brien's I Am Not A Serial Killer. The film debuted back in March at this year's SXSW Film Festival, and today we're getting our look at the first trailer for the film. 

To recap: Max Records is a serial killer nut whose small town gets its very own serial killer? And said serial killer is played by Christopher Lloyd? Oh, I'll definitely watch this movie. Of course it's possible that Lloyd isn't the killer (this trailer could be going out of its way to fake us out) but I honestly don't care. If the film features any amount of Christopher Lloyd being a creepy weirdo, I'm in.

So, when do we get to see I Am Not A Serial Killer? The movie's next stop is this month's Fantasia Film Festival, but beyond that it's currently searching for distribution. We'll probably be hearing more about it after it screens, perhaps from one of the interpid Birth.Movies.Death. staff members who are headed up to Montreal to attend.

 Stay tuned for more on I Am Not A Serial Killer as developments occur.