Rejoice: Amblin’s Working On A New Alien Invasion Movie

Get ready for THE FALL.

As a confirmed sucker for any movie featuring an alien invasion (well, almost any movie), the following news is extremely exciting: Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment is working on a brand-new alien invasion flick. 

According to IndieWire, the company just snapped up The Fall, a spec script written by Australian writer Pete Bridges. The film will revolve around "a newly divorced couple fighting to survive and save their children during an alien invasion in and around Atlanta, Georgia."

Obvious parallels are being drawn to Spielberg's War Of The Worlds, another Amblin joint that involved a family struggling to survive an E.T. infestation, but there's also hints of Night Skies in there. That never-produced Spielberg project (the script for which has been bouncing around the internet for years, and is absolutely worth reading if you can get your hands on a copy) also featured a family defending their home from alien interlopers. 

Bridges is a relative newcomer, whose Resurface (another spec script about two scientists stranded 35,000 feet beneath the ocean when an earthquake hits the Mariana Trench) also just sold to Broken Road Productions. I'll watch the hell out of that one, too.

How about you guys? Are you as excited for Amblin to get back in the alien invasion game as I am, or are you over this sci-fi sub-genre?