EXCLUSIVE: What Secrets Can You Spot In These New DARK TOWER Set Photos?

In NYC? You better beware the Crimson King.

CAUTION: the photos in this post contain spoilers for The Dark Tower

Yesterday, I was put in touch with a Birth.Movies.Death. reader by the name of Will Walsh, who had apparently just spent the afternoon taking photos around the NYC set of Nikolaj Arcel's The Dark Tower. I asked Will if he'd taken any photos we might want to share here on the site, and he sent back a handful of images that blew me away. 

Let's start with this image.

Will says this photo was taken "...on Broadway from 13-11th streets. Looks like they might be using Strand as the bookshop maybe? Filming tomorrow. Anyway, walking by I look up at a place I've passed a million times and noticed the name." 

This is interesting! The production's filming at this location, but a Strand bookstore does not seem like it'd be a good match for the Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind bookstore which plays a pivotal role in the Dark Tower novels (also worth noting: I don't recall any bookstore in the draft of the Dark Tower script I've read). Maybe they've just redressed the signage as a subtle background easter egg for fans? 

Meanwhile, we've also got another shot of the house on Dutch Hill.

This photo appears to have been taken either before the location was redressed by the production crew (as seen in the photos in this post) or after filming had already completed. It looks decidedly less-distressed than it did the last time we saw it. Not sure what to make of that sign over the door, but I'm going to go ahead and assume that's not the work of the Dark Tower team.

Now here's a really interesting shot: a little shop that's been redressed as "Barlow And Straker's" for a street scene. Stephen King fans don't need that reference explained to them. Nice to see them nodding to Salem's Lot this early in the production, though: the events of that novel absolutely have a place in the Dark Tower cycle.

And here's the photo that dropped my jaw when I first saw it.

What you're looking at is the entrance to the Dixie Pig, the least human-friendly restaurant/bar in the Dark Tower universe. There's a weathered bit of ironwork over the door (a pig skewered on a spit), and - far more importantly - the Crimson King's sigul is painted on the front door. As far as I know, this is the first photo of the Crimson King's sigul that we've seen yet. And it's absolutely perfect! It sounds ridiculous, but I got chills looking at this doorway.

Anyway, big thanks to Will Walsh for snagging these for us! You have truly remembered the face of your father, and are now part of the Birth.Movies.Death. Dark Tower ka-tet. 

To everyone else: look these over! Any details I've missed? What do you think of the Dixie Pig pic? And how about that "Barlow and Straker" thing? Do you like that they're working these easter eggs into the background for fans, or do you think it's a little much? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on The Dark Tower as it becomes available.