Here’s What Disney’s STAR WARS Land Might Look Like

We would go to there.

We've known for some time that Disney's in the process of adding a Star Wars Land expansion to both of its parks. In the time since construction began, we've seen bits of concept art, heard a few details about how sprawling these expansions might be (14 acres), and even got a few details on what attractions might be included (one of the rides will allow you to pilot the Millenium Falcon to some degree). 

But today, the Disney Parks Blog dropped a brand-new image on us, and it seems to provide the clearest look yet on what Star Wars Land might look like upon completion. As you'd expect, it's pretty impressive.

Here's how the Disney Parks blog describes the image:

Nestled between towering spires of rock, this thriving port contains a seemingly familiar architecture of markets, landing zones and buildings... 

Look closely and you may find hints of some of the thrilling experiences that are coming – like the Millennium Falcon peeking out of one of the cargo bays, marking the location where guests will get the opportunity to pilot the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

All of this looks and sounds great, and I'm willing to bet that the final location really does end up looking a lot like this concept art; the level of detail these theme park giants (read: Disney and Universal) pack into their new attractions is borderline insane.

I visited the newly-expanded Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Orlando last year, and was continually astounded by how elaborate the whole thing was. There were easter eggs hidden in every corner of the architecture, and many locations from the films were rebuilt seemingly to scale. Clever bits of fan-service were incorporated into the layout of each location in impressive ways (the entrance to the Hogsmeade wing, for instance, which turned out to be hidden in an otherwise-unremarkable wall next to a record store, just like in the books). Sure, a good chunk of The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter was given over to souvenir shops and the like, but even those tourist traps were beautifully built.

Anyway, we're not much for theme park stuff around here, but Star Wars Land looks too cool to ignore. Think you guys will make the pilgrimage?