Is This Our First Look At ALIEN: COVENANT’s Redesigned Xenomorph?

What's up with this Xeno hand?

If you're an Alien nerd like me, you're probably already following the @AlienAnthology Twitter handle. As I've mentioned before, the feed is well worth following, not only because it regularly shares sometimes tosses out random bits of rarely-seen Alien ephemera ("Ridleygrams", annotated script pages, behind-the-scenes shots and the like), but also because the feed occasionally offers interesting looks at Ridley Scott's still-shooting Alien: Convenant.

For instance:

I'm not entirely sure whether this piece is a prosthetic or not, but that's not really what interests me. What interests me is the fact that this Xeno's fingers aren't bunched, as they've been in Aliens past. Check out the image at the top of this article (which, according to its file name, is a still from the 1979 director's cut of Alien). See the difference? If I'm correct, that means that this hand is technically our first look at Alien: Covenant's newly-redesigned Xenomorph.

If you look at the other Xeno hand in the background of that Tweet, you'll notice that the pinky and ringfinger are bunched, but not the other fingers. It's hard to tell if that's the case on the version we see in the foreground (the artist's hand is blocking that portion of the hand), but you gotta assume it's the same, right?

Anyway, here's my operating theory: this hand belongs to whatever iteration of Xenomorph comes after the "Deacon" Xeno glimpsed in the final moments of Prometheus (a quick look at some of the toys and statues based on the Deacon seem to indicate this hand definitely belongs to a different model of Xeno), and this is our first look at it. A small detail, but a compelling one.

What do you guys think?