Robert Redford And Bryce Dallas Howard Ponder A Mystery In The First Clip From PETE’S DRAGON

Yo, that's the same dragon!

Here we have the first clip from David Lowery's Pete's Dragon, the live-action adaptation of the Disney classic which, in just a few more weeks!

Let's check it out.

Admittedly, this isn't the most dynamic clip, but I like the vibe here. There's a touch of Spielberg in this exchange, no? If Lowery's entire film can deliver that Amblin feel (which'll be catnip to both children and the nostalgic parents who've brought them to the theater), this thing might be an even bigger hit than I'm expecting it to be.

The market's certainly primed for it. This summer may have been a bust so far in terms of would-be blockbusters for discerning adults, but it's been an absolute powerhouse for family films (see also: the opening weekend box office for The Secret Life Of Pets; Finding Dory's staggering $400M+ domestic haul). Good timing, Pete's Dragon.

Anyway, this very awesome-looking movie arrives on August 12th. You gonna catch it or what?