Yes, Fox Still Wants To Make A Gambit Movie

Even if it ends up starring Ricky Jay.

Channing Tatum’s poor Gambit movie has taken some hits. Original director Rupert Wyatt, who would have been awesome, walked away from the project (though he did get replaced by the also great Doug Liman). At one point production was delayed due to script issues, and now the film has no release date, leaving many to believe it will never get done.

But now there’s a beam of light coming for the film in the form of Producer Simon Kinberg’s recent interview on something called The Hashtag Show. According to Kinberg, the film has a "great" script now and will begin filming next spring, which would likely put its release date in late 2017 or early 2018.

Channing Tatum is still expected to play the sexy card-throwing Cajun so many loved in the ‘90s when throwing cards at things was still really cool. I can’t really picture him in the role, nor can I honestly picture this movie happening at all. But I never imaged there’d be a lady who got famous for wearing a Chewbacca mask either, so what do I know.