Bad News About Helen Mirren’s FAST 8 Role

This is a red hot scandal.

Almost exactly a month ago, word came down that Helen Mirren would get her long-coveted Fast 8 role. And the world rejoiced. That Mirren even wanted to be in one of these movies is incredible. That she actually got her wish is even better.

But hold on. In a brief interview with Entertainment Weekly, things suddenly do not seem so great. For one, it looks like she’s not going to drive a car in the film after all:

I wanted to be driving, but unfortunately, I’m not… Maybe that will come in the future, in Fast and Furious 12… I’m probably one of the few people on the set who know how to drive a gear shift car. I doubt the Rock knows

If you recall, driving in one of these movies was Mirren’s primary interest in the first place. And now it has been robbed of her. This is an outrage.

Not only that, but there is also this to digest:

I’ve only got one day, and I’ll probably f— it up, oh God

Not only is Helen Mirren not driving in her Fast & Furious debut, but her role is basically a one-day walk-on. Unless she spens that day delivering a ten-page monologue, her Fast 8 appearance threatens to be little more than a cameo.

So there you have it. I apologize for delivering such bad news so late in the day. When I woke up this morning, I had faith in what Fast 8 would bring us. Now… no more. No more.