BOO! A MADEA HALLOWEEN Gets A Poster That Might Anger Horror Fans

Or get them super excited!

Will Boo! A Madea Halloween be the film that finally gets movie people to go see a Tyler Perry movie? There definitely seems to be more interest, even if it’s ironic interest, in this than any other Perry movie I’ve seen. Whether that translates to ticket sales is the question. Probably not, but a guy can dream.

But Perry’s going to try for it anyway. Today that attempt comes in the form of a very familiar looking poster:

People might rankle at Perry’s transformation of their beloved Halloween poster, but it’s pretty well done! Furthermore, parody posters are a long-standing Madea movie promotion tradition. It’s just that now he’s getting into those horror film waters. I hope more are on the way.

We’re getting a trailer tomorrow, by the way. And I could not be more excited. No one wants to hear this part but when Madea movies are good, they are a true sight to behold, and the last one - 2013’s A Madea Christmas - might be the best Madea movie Perry’s ever made, comedy-wise. I have no idea what this is going to be like, but I am so ready to find out.