Let Samuel L. Jackson Explain GAME OF THRONES To You

"Fuck those dragons!"

We are now six seasons into HBO's Game Of Thrones, which means that - if you're a non-watcher like me - the ongoing conversations surrounding the show are totally baffling.

The Red Wedding? White Walkers? The Mountain? Excessive and highly questionable depictions of sexual assault? I'm aware that Game Of Thrones includes all of these things, but because I stopped tuning in part of the way into season two, I have no idea how any of them fit together (frowny-face emoji goes here).

Lucky for me, then, that HBO put together this handy little primer, narrated by none other than Samuel L. Jackson. It's a breezy seven-minute watch, but it's super-informative (to an outsider, anyway), and is presented with all the warmth, humor, and casual swearing that we have come to associate with Jackson over the years. 

Give it a whirl.

I'm curious: am I the only person here not watching Game Of Thrones

Surely not. If that's you, I'm curious to hear when and why you stopped watching. My reasoning's pretty boring (fantasy stuff in general isn't my bag, and after missing a few episodes during the show's second season I just never bothered catching up), but I'm curious what made you join my very lonely club. Lemme know how it happened in the comments below.