Marvel Comics Is Murdering One Of Their Most Enduring Heroes

And you won't believe who the killer is.

Death! It's a fact of life for comic book heroes, and it's generally little more than an inconvenience. We all know this - But maybe everything that dies someday comes back, once pondered The Boss - but that doesn't make the stories any less fun... or shocking. And this week Marvel Comics goes fun and shocking by killing off one of their most enduring heroes. 

Spoilers ahead. 

In Civil War II #3, hitting stands today, Bruce Banner gets killed. By an arrow to the head. Shot from the bow of Hawkeye. Who, it should be noted, got offed in a crossover event himself some years back.

It's a shocking turn of events... kind of. There's another Hulk running around, with young genius Amadeus Cho as the human form of this Totally Awesome Hulk. This move gives Cho the spotlight, allowing an Asian-American character to become one of the core heroes of the Marvel universe. For a while, at least. Until Bruce Banner comes back. 

How will he come back? What will eventually happen to Amadeus Cho? These are all questions that will likely be answered in the coming years (yes, years - these stories play out over very long timespans these days. There's still the female Thor flying around!), and while the story will eventually return to the status quo it's gonna be fun seeing how it gets there.