Composer Podcast: Brian Tyler Scores CRIMINAL

This just in...Brian Tyler arrested on thirty-two counts of being awesome.

This week we’re premiering another edition of the Composer Podcast brought to you by Lakeshore Records and Tony Giles of The Damn Fine Cast, a soundtrack-centric podcast dedicated to the very best in film music.

Composer Brian Tyler is one of the elite A-listers in Hollywood who churns out a mind-bogglingly immense amount of music each year. I heard rumors he doesn’t sleep or eat but will occasionally stop composing in order to recharge his batteries through an array of solar panels attached to the roof of his studio. His latest score is for the Ariel Vromen-directed Criminal (2016), starring Ryan Reynolds, about a CIA agent who dies and is “resurrected” by neurosurgeons into the body of a dangerous death-row inmate (Kevin Costner).

This one-on-one interview with Tony Giles takes an intimate look inside the career of Brian Tyler. They talk about his latest score and beyond. At almost an hour long, it’s like sitting down at a fancy restaurant eavesdropping a delicious conversation with one of Hollywood’s best composers and never being asked to leave. You could say it’s…criminal.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the interview!