Here’s Your First Look At BLADE RUNNER 2

Some brand-new concept art reveals that things haven't changed much since 1982.

Entertainment Weekly is just scoop central this week – Dark Tower scoops, superhero scoops, Star Wars scoops. Scoop City. We lowly plebes are powerless to do anything but play catch up, reposting their table scraps with our "witty" "observations."  

And so it is with Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming Blade Runner sequel, Blade Runner 2: Still Runnin’. And it’s not even THAT big a scoop; still, we’re cranky.

But there you go: some appropriately Blade Runner-ish concept art for the upcoming sequel. To my eye, this artwork is a much a tribute to Syd Mead’s designs for the 1982 original as it is for the Ridley Scott's film itself but, in accordance with current aesthetic mandates, everything is much less colorful.

That the concept art seems to be riffing on older concept art is pretty in line with our current zeal to fetishize not just the sacred properties of our childhood, but the ancillary materials that got us excited about them back then. Hype nostalgia! I bet the one-sheet for this thing will be a fucking doozy.