New DARK TOWER Photos Give Us Our First Look At Mid-World

Here's what's going on in EW's newest round of DARK TOWER photos.

Standard Warning: this post may contain spoilers for The Dark Tower.

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly dropped a ton of new Dark Tower stuff on us. We got an interview with Idris Elba. We got a look inside the film's Dixie Pig set. We got confirmation that the films would function as a pseudo-sequel to Stephen King's original novels. 

And now EW's got a new collection of Dark Tower images to share. Let's see what we can see.

First up: here's Jake standing in his bedroom. His wall's adorned with a number of sketches of Mid-World and its inhabitants. In the draft of the script I read, Jake's haunted by visions of this alien world, with no idea if they're real or if he's ever actually been there. But one thing leads to another and...

...Jake ends up in the house on Dutch Hill. Here we're seeing the interior of the house (you can see the exterior in this post, which we ran just a few weeks ago), and - as was the case in The Waste Lands (the third book in the Dark Tower cycle) - this is where Jake encounters a Doorway Demon which sends him straight to...

...Mid-World. Shortly after arriving, he crosses paths with...

...Roland Deschain, the last Gunslinger in Mid-World. In the draft I read, Roland has already had his adventures in Tull by the time he encounters Jake. He's injured and in desperate need of medicine. He's also uninterested in having a traveling companion, but...

...well, Jake's a persistent kid. And then...well, then a bunch of stuff happens, which we'll fast-forward through for the time being. The bottom line is, Jake and Roland end up... modern-day New York City. If my math's correct, this scene probably occurs somewhere towards the end of the film's second act. The third act takes place almost entirely in our world.

This looks sort of like a composite shot - Elba may appear to be super-imposed over that background - but it isn't. That's Elba standing inside...well, inside a specific location. Let's just say he's an uninvited guest.

And, finally, here's a behind-the-scenes photo showing Jake and Roland getting ready to film another scene. I think I know where they're at here, but I'm not completely certain, so I'll keep my mouth shut for the time being. I would, however, like to point out that you can clearly see the Horn of Eld inside Roland's bag in the bottom-right of this photo. 

EW's got a ton of new Dark Tower stuff for us today (tangential-but-interesting revelation: Stephen King and Peter Straub are working on a third Talisman book), so head on over there if you'd like to read the rest.