Go Ape With Mondo This August!

A special POTA screening to celebrate a new soundtrack rerelease.

I got to do a cool thing recently: I got to write the liner notes for Mondo’s vinyl rerelease of the Jerry Goldsmith’s Planet of the Apes soundtrack, which features a stunning cover by Matthew Woodson. It was an incredible honor and privilege, and just the writing alone would have been amazing enough, but it just got a little bit better. Mondo is going to be doing a screening of Planet of the Apes to celebrate the release of the album, and they’re showing it at Alamos across the country. 

That’s right, you’ll be able to buy the record when you go see the film at a participating Alamo location. And your ticket will include a new Apes shirt that is AMAZING and makes for a great bit of election year apparel. 

And if a shirt and a record weren’t enough - there will be a VARIANT shirt available, only at the screening. And there will be POTA enamel pins available to buy, based on designs by Tom Whalen! They’re totally awesome.

Here’s the press release, including the locations where the movie is screening. You’ll see that LA isn’t on this list. We’re working on it! Stay tuned for more. 

Tickets are on sale right now. Click here to buy yours!

Accept no sequels, knock offs, or re-boots, there’s nothing like the original PLANET OF THE APES. The all-conquering, ‘68 simian sci-fi classic endures for a host of reasons: production design, makeup effects, brilliant script, Heston’s hairy chest and, of course, composer Jerry Goldsmith's iconic score. To celebrate the release of Mondo’s new vinyl release of the APES score, the acclaimed collectible art boutique and Alamo Drafthouse will present PLANET OF THE APES in all its big screen glory for one night only on August 30 at Alamo locations nationwide.

APES fans rejoice, tickets to these screenings include an exclusive Mondo T-shirt featuring artwork by Jay Shaw that is guaranteed to be your go-to for the remainder of this election year.


Those who attend will, naturally, have first crack at purchasing an event exclusive version of the soundtrack, featuring gorgeous artwork by Matthew Woodson. Plus, they’ll also have a chance to get their stinking paws on other limited edition APES goodies from Mondo, including pins designed by Tom Whalen featuring Dr. Zaius, Cornelius, Ursus and "The Lawgiver" statue and a limited edition T-shirt designed by Eric Powell.


"PLANET OF THE APES is nearing its 50th birthday, and it’s just as important now as it was upon release in the ‘60s,” says Mondo Music’s Mo Shafeek. “Like the best of science fiction cinema, its cautionary message of human nature still endures, whilst being an endlessly entertaining thrill ride. We are proud to celebrate the franchise, Jerry Goldsmith’s seminal score and presnt it on the big screen the way it was intended."


PLANET OF THE APES items will be for sale inside Alamo Drafthouse lobbies before and after the screenings at participating locations.


8/30 - Mondo Presents PLANET OF THE APES


Participating Alamo Drafthouse Locations

ASHBURN, VA - Alamo Drafthouse One Loudoun

AUSTIN, TX - Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline, Ritz and Village

DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX - Alamo Drafthouse Dallas and Richardson

EL PASO, TX - Alamo Drafthouse Montecillo

HOUSTON, TX - Alamo Drafthouse Mason Park and Vintage Park

KANSAS CITY, MO - Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet

LAREDO, TX - Alamo Drafthouse Laredo

LUBBOCK, TX - Alamo Drafthouse Lubbock

NEW BRAUNFELS, TX - Alamo Drafthouse Marketplace

OMAHA, TX - Alamo Drafthouse La Vista

SAN ANTONIO, TX - Alamo Drafthouse Park North

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Alamo Drafthouse New Mission

WINCHESTER, VA - Alamo Drafthouse Winchester

YONKERS, NY - Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers


To purchase tickets, go to drafthouse.com/event/apes


For Mondo’s full line of PLANET OF THE APES MERCH, go to http://mondotees.com/blogs/news/planet-of-the-apes-soundtrack