STAR TREK 4 Is On The Way, And Chris Hemsworth Is Coming Along For The Ride

It’s official!

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It’s been very interesting to see opinions shift in regards to Star Trek Beyond. A month ago, things were quiet on the film, and the overall impression was that it might not be very good. People have seen it now, however, and many of the reviews are quite positive.

And if you were looking for confirmation that there’s still some life in this franchise, this is about as solid as it gets: Paramount has officially announced a fourth Star Trek film. Not only is it expected to bring back the core cast (except the sadly departed Anton Yelchin), but Chris Hemsworth is set to return as well, giving Kirk a chance to meet the man who shaped his life but died the day he was born. J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay are set to write the screenplay.

It seems obvious some time travel shenanigans will be in play for this to be possible, but that’s not a big deal for a reboot that utilized time travel to even exist. Given that Star Trek Beyond is supposed to dive further into Kirk’s feelings about his father’s legacy, a lot of groundwork is being developed ahead of time to make this meeting truly epic and special.

But above all, I’m just so glad we’re getting another movie with this crew. Sure, Into Darkness was awful, but this is such a great cast. I can’t wait to see them do their thing in Star Trek Beyond, but it’s comforting to know that won’t be their last journey together.