The Devin’s Advocate: STAR TREK 4 Must End The STAR TREK Movies

It's the only acceptable storyline!

It’s official: Paramount has announced that there will be a Star Trek 4 and that it will bring Chris Hemsworth back to the series. You’ll recall that Hemsworth played Captain Kirk’s dad whose death on the Kelvin in the opening scenes of the first film a) was the best scene in the series to date and b) set up the alternate timeline in which the movies operate. Kirk and his dad will probably meet up - yet more time travel shenanigans, and yet more daddy issues in this series that has weirdly come to be defined by them. 

I’m shocked that a Star Trek 4 is even happening - this series hasn’t hit the box office that Paramount wants from it, but I guess this is a sign of confidence in Star Trek Beyond (which I keep hearing is pretty good, and quite like an episode of the original series). But it is happening and I must confess that I hate the idea… except under one condition. There is only one storyline that can make me happy with bringing Kirk’s dad into Star Trek 4, and it’s a storyline that would definitively end the series. 

Imagine if the crew of the Enterprise learns they are not only in an alternate timeline, but they’re in the bad timeline. What if the crew has to go back in time and save the Kelvin, in the process erasing themselves (and this whole alternate universe series of films) from existence? What if Kirk, who still has daddy issues in Beyond, gets to meet his dad, prove to his dad he’s great and then, as he’s fading out of existence Back to the Future style, his dad tells Alt Kirk that he’s going to raise his son (our Kirk) to be as good as this man from the future? Get weird, get scifi, revisit the moral quandary at the heart of City on the Edge of Forever, the best episode of Trek ever. 

I’d be okay with that. I’d be okay with the series writing itself away. I would not be okay with just some bullshit time travel junk that doesn’t have any impact. I definitely would not be ok with Abrams making a Star Trek 4 that has time travel simply because the original Star Trek 4 had time travel, that’s for sure.