Rumor: Ben Affleck’s BATMAN Movie Will Take Place In Arkham Asylum


Remember, back in May, when Devin broke the scoop that Ben Affleck's Batman movie would include many - if not most - of Batman's rogues gallery of villains? 

At the time, we kicked around what that might mean for Affleck's Bat-film (which the Oscar winner is currently writing with Geoff Johns), including the possibility that Affleck and Johns might be working on an adaptation of Grant Morrison's classic Bat-story Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth

Shortly thereafter, Affleck went on record as saying that his Bat-film would be an original story, one which might "borrow certain things" from established Bat-story arcs. That sunk the idea of a straight-up adaptation of Arkham Asylum...but that's not to say that it's completely out of the picture.

And now, in a new report over at Batman-On-Film, they're saying this:

According to this rumor, the solo Batfleck Batflick would involve Batman being locked up in Arkham. For what reason? I have no idea. For how long? No idea on that either. But, it does jibe with the buzz about "a lot of Batman villains" possibly being included in Mr. Affleck’s solo Batman film. 

Batman-On-Film says this rumor arrived on their doorstep through several reliable sources, but they're also advising that we take it with a grain of salt. Fair enough! But no amount of salt in the world is going to prevent me from getting excited about the possibility of a Batman movie set entirely (or even largely, or even partially) within Gotham's most terrifying madhouse. I'd be all-in on virtually any concept that uses Arkham Asylum as a setting. 

What do you guys think? You ready to tour Arkham Asylum on film, or does this new rumor set off alarm bells? Sound off in the comments below.