SDCC Preview: Does The Joker Cosplay As Batman In SUICIDE SQUAD?

These new toys say yes!

Earlier today I got a look at some of Hot Toys’ San Diego Comic Con offerings and a few of their Suicide Squad figures really stood out to me. Particularly a couple that depicted Jared Leto’s Joker dressed to the nines as a grotesque version of Batman:

They even have a cute version:

All the Suicide Squad figures surrounding these were straight-up from the film, leading me to believe that there must be a scene in which the Joker dresses up like Batman in the film. I feel this is further solidified by the fact that there are two versions of the idea, ugly and adorable.

By the way, they also had these super cool fellas:

So what do you guys think? Is this evidence that our man Leto will spend part of the film dressed up as our man Affleck? I haven’t heard anything about it until now, but I think this is strong evidence that might be the case. Either way, I’m super excited to finally see this film when it comes out this August.