Will Arnett Says He Has No Idea When We’re Getting More ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT

"People need to get their shit together," Arnett suggests.

In a new interview with The Wrap, Arrested Development star Will Arnett says he has no idea when the show might come back for a fifth season, but it'll happen eventually. 

“I’ll just say this: It’s something that’s always out there and it’s something that we’re always constantly kinda talking about, and how can we do it and when can we do it. We go so far as to start to discuss the scheduling of it and when that would be, and for whatever reason it kind of gets slowed down.”

“So, at this point, my answer is: ‘I don’t fucking know. I know that everybody is game to do it. We all love doing it.”

The holdup, as Arnett sees it, is that the people running this operation just don't have their shit together.

“The people responsible for actually putting it together just need to get their shit together.” 

First of all, I'm almost certain that Arnett's engaging in some good-natured (or, perhaps, Gob-esque) ballbreaking here. Secondly, I believe every word of the above: with virtually every member of the Arrested Development cast tied up with their own successful projects, one has to assume that it's quite a task to wrangle everyone together long enough to film a new season's worth of episodes. I mean, what're they supposed to do, film everyone separately and rob the series of the group dynamic we fell in love with in the first place? That'd be a huge mistake.

Stay tuned for more on Arrested Development's long-gestating fifth season as more becomes available.