New SUICIDE SQUAD Clip Introduces The Enchantress

"Go get it, girl."

A brand-new Suicide Squad clip just popped up online, and it offers one of our best looks yet at Cara Delevingne's Enchantress. 

Take a look.

That gag at the top of this clip, the one where Enchantress' dark hand entwines fingers with her "normal" hand? That's straight-up horror imagery, a shot that could've been lifted right out of The Grudge. I love it.

I'm also onboard with the inherent weirdness of this footage: here we have a smoldering, seemingly-immortal witch performing actual magic inside a bland, White House meeting room. If the rest of Suicide Squad traffics in this same sort of bizarro juxtaposition (I'm picturing Killer Croc strolling into a Wal-Mart), I'm gonna be a very happy camper.

What do you guys think of this clip? Feeling it or nah?

David Ayer's Suicide Squad opens on August 5th. You can get your Drafthouse tickets (and pint glass) here.