SDCC 2016: Idris Elba Reveals What Roland Will Sound Like In THE DARK TOWER

What's a Mid-World accent sound like, anyway?

In a great new interview with Entertainment Weekly's Anthony Breznican, Idris Elba has revealed a few interesting new tidbits of information about his role in next February's The Dark Tower, including what his character - Roland Deschain, last Gunslinger in Mid-World - will sound like.

Elba, a Brit capable of a flawless American accent, says the accent will be...well, it's complicated (start the video just after the 3:00 mark to jump straight to it).  



Just in case you're the type who doesn't enjoy getting their news from video interviews, here's the quote:

"We essentially ended up doing sort of a very flat American accent that had almost an old-world-y cadence. So, it doesn't feel Shakespearean, I wouldn't say that, but it doesn't feel modern. It's a bit more formal. (Dark Tower director Nikolaj Arcel) was very precise about that, in particular.

Being English, my general accent - when I go American - is always East Coast, and we tried to avoid that. It's a little more Mid-Western. Not Western, but Mid-Western, flat...(Roland's) accent and his voice is quite low.

Interesting! And that's not all: Elba confirms in this same interview that, after a 15-week shoot, The Dark Tower has wrapped filming (*pronounced squealing*), that he and Matthew McConaughey's Man In Black will go toe-to-toe in at least one scene, and that Roland will rock a rose-colored bandana in the film at Elba's insistence. 

The whole interview's worth watching (Elba also discusses his experience on Star Trek Beyond, which is hitting theaters tonight), so definitely give the rest a peek, especially if you're a member of Birth.Movies.Death.'s Dark Tower-obsessed Ka-tet.

Stay tuned for more Dark Tower goodness (and more from SDCC 2016) as it becomes available.