SDCC: We’ve Seen The First IRON FIST Footage

UPDATED with footage!

The Luke Cage panel ended today with a very brief glimpse at an Iron Fist teaser, introduced by star Finn Jones. The clip opened with a hazy flashback to a young Daniel Rand and his mother on a plane in chaos, the oxygen masks hanging above them. His mother strokes his face, and the next we see, young Danny is lying unconscious in the snow, monks looming over him impassively. 

We cut to a city, present day, as Danny walks down the streets, and then we see him struggling with restraints, in bed in an anonymous room. The perspective changes to outside the building, where the bed flies through a wall, debris surrounding it, and Danny is standing in the large hole made by the bed. The teaser ends with an intense close-up of his face, bearded, bloody and sweaty, as a man off screen says "Hello, Danny." Then we got the above title card, and the year 2017. 

So there you go! Not much to it, but an intriguing look nonetheless. More is sure to come soon. 

UPDATE: Netflix just released the footage! Check it: