Watch The CIA Fake The Moon Landing In The OPERATION AVALANCHE Trailer

This movie looks AWESOME.

Here we have the official trailer for Matt Johnson's Operation Avalanche, which looks to combine a number of our favorite elements: Stanley Kubrick, shadowy government conspiracies, outer space, and faux documentaries. 

See what you think.

You might remember Matt Johnson as the director of The Dirties, another faux documentary that arrived to no small amount of acclaim back in 2013. Operation Avalanche is obviously a much bigger, more ambitious project, but early word on the film - out of the Sundance and SXSW Film Festivals - has been strong.

According to IndieWire, Operation Avalanche is set in 1967 (it certainly looks convincing!), and revolves around two CIA agents who get drawn into a plot to catch a spy who they believe to be working undercover at NASA. Upon arriving at NASA headquarters, the pair realize the agency is nowhere near putting a man on the moon, and they set out to fake the moon landing themselves. I'm not sure how that first plotline impacts the second, or vice versa, but I'm very curious to find out.

Lionsgate will release Operation Avalanche in theaters and via VOD on September 16th. Can't wait.