Composer Podcast: Alex Somers Scores CAPTAIN FANTASTIC

The score is delicately quiet, but composer Alex Somers doesn't have to be.

Our latest Composer Podcast is an interesting one and proof why these intimate interviews can be so valuable to film music enthusiasts. Alex Somers is somebody new. I haven’t heard of him or from him and that makes his story and his music completely fresh. Somers recently penned the hypnotic score for Captain Fantastic (2016) staring Viggo Mortensen. It’s a film about isolationism and family and Alex’s music is a sensorial amalgam of both.

Quiet abstract scores are difficult to get right. The degree in which music affects its narrative is like walking a tightrope. One inch to the left or right and it’s a disaster, but if you're surgically precise you can find that narrow groove on which to facilitate your story. I haven’t yet seen the movie; however, I’m genuinely intrigued by Somers’ music. It’s alluring qualities piques my interest to seek out the story this music accompanies.

In the meantime, enjoy this podcast and learning a little bit about this up-and-coming composer.