SDCC: Everyone Can Buy Mondo’s New STAR WARS Posters Right Now

New stuff from Jock and Mike Mitchell, on sale for the next 72 hours!

It's SDCC, which means that - even as we speak - the Mondo team is somewhere on the convention center floor, dropping one kick-ass poster after another. For those of us stuck at home, there's very little chance we'll be able to get our hands on anything being sold at the Con, but this year Mondo's doing something a little different: they're offering two new prints to everyone, as an open edition, right now via their website.

Bonus: they're both Star Wars prints. Let's take a look.

Rey by Mike Mitchell

12x16" Giclee Print / $55 Open Edition

Into The Garbage Chute, Flyboy! by Jock

24x36" Screenprint / $60 Open Edition 

Both of these prints are available right now on Mondo's website, and will remain up for grabs for the next 72 hours or so (the sale ends on Monday at 12pm CST). And if you'd like to pick up both prints, Mondo's thoughtfully offered up an easy-peasy package deal option, which'll allow you to buy both with the click of one button (note: if you go with the package deal, Rey will be rolled into a tube with the Jock piece; if you want the Mitchell shipped flat, you need to specify that when placing your order). 

These are pretty awesome prints, and it's always fun when Mondo cracks open the edition size to let everyone have a go at 'em. Pick your copies up via the Mondo website now.

Stay tuned for more Mondo/SDCC news as the weekend progresses.