The Secret Of THE WOODS? It’s A BLAIR WITCH Movie

Yes, there's now a BLAIR WITCH 3.

Adam Wingard's latest movie, The Woods, is not actually The Woods. That was the name that Lionsgate gave it when they first debuted a trailer and an early poster, but it was all a fake out. See, Adam Wingard's latest movie, The Woods, is actually a Blair Witch Project sequel called simply Blair Witch

The truth was outed tonight in San Diego, where the film played to a Comic Con crowd who became the first people to learn the secret (which is revealed really early in the movie, so this isn't even a spoiler). Lionsgate then unveiled a new poster and a new trailer, which you can watch below. 

It turns out that the lead in The Woods, err Blair Witch, is the little brother of Heather from the first movie, which didn't invent found footage but which totally popularized it and made it a dominant aesthetic in horror this century. 

Here's the new, honest poster:

The movie opens September 16, but keep an ear out for reactions from Comic Con tonight.