SDCC: Here It Is: The First JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer

See it, hear Devin describe it, pick it apart in the comments.

WB premiered initial footage from Justice League in Hall H today at Comic Con (you can see it above, courtesy of Zack Snyder's Twitter feed) and anyone worried they didn't learn lessons from Batman V Superman can rest assured - this footage leaned heavily on good natured rumor and the idea of building a team, with a driven but positive Batman at the center. 

The footage opens in a dingy room in a cold fishing town. Bruce Wayne, with a beard, stands in the middle of a group of bundled up seafaring types. 

"There's a man who comes from the sea and brings fish to the hungry," he says (and I paraphrase). "He comes on the King Tide and that was last night. I need to meet this man."

Cue: Arthur Curry turning around, glaring. 

Other stuff happens but let's stick with the Aquaman thread. We see Curry walking, chugging whiskey and smashing the bottle. We see an incredible shot of Curry standing on a rock, massive white waves crashing around him and obscuring him. 

Wayne asks Curry for help. Curry picks him up by the neck and slams him into the wall. 

"Arthur Curry," Wayne says. "I heard you can talk to fish."

Other scenes: Wayne and Wonder Woman sit at a computer, talking about recruiting the team. Wayne says Aquaman more or less agreed to fight with them. "More, or less?" She asks. "More less," he admits. "He refused."

We see ancient human kings burying a Motherbox. There's the bit of Wayne recruiting Barry Allen that we saw on set and shots of Vic Stone as a full human. Then we see Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Flash standing in the tunnel set we visited in London and Cyborg said "I didn't think you were real," to Batman.

Batman says "I am when it's useful."

The tone was great, the visuals not as dark as BvS but still clearly Snyder's aesthetic. I loved what I saw. They could be pulling this off.