SDCC: Here’s The New SUICIDE SQUAD Footage They Just Screened At SDCC

Yup, this movie still looks awesome.

Up top you'll see the Suicide Squad sizzle reel that just played Hall H at SDCC. It plays like a super-extended trailer and contains a number of moments we've already seen, but there's also plenty of new stuff hidden in there for you to enjoy. 

I've scarcely given myself enough time to process all this new DCU footage, but I would like to say this: Wonder Woman, Justice League, and, yes, Suicide Squad all look great. These movies look big and exciting and unafraid to lean into the not-always-gloomy iconography of their characters. For the first time in a long time, the DCU looks like a fun place to be, and I'm so excited to feel that way.

Fingers crossed that all of this stuff delivers.

Suicide Squad opens on August 5th. These other movies, well, we're gonna have to wait a little longer.