SDCC: See “Flashpoint” Ripples In The Trailer For THE FLASH Season 3

And meet Dr. Alchemy, voiced by Tobin Bell!

The Flash panel is always impossibly charming and entertaining. This is a fun cast, and they had lots of scoop to deliver. In attendance were Executive Producers Todd Helbing and Aaron Helbing and castmembers Grant Gustin (Barry), Jesse L. Martin (Joe), Candice Patton (Iris), Tom Cavanagh (Harrison), Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin), Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally) and Carlos Valdes (Cisco), plus the addition of Tom Felton, who will play new character Julian Dorn.

The Season 3 footage looks AMAZING. I may not have loved the finale, but the events of that hour brought us to “Flashpoint,” the Season 3 premiere episode title and the arc for the entire third season, and it looks terrific.

Take a look:

As you can see in the sizzle reel, we’ll have a big bad in Dr. Alchemy, voiced by Saw’s Tobin Bell, who might be able to give Tony Todd a run for his money. Season 3 will actually have two big bads, Todd Helbing said, and the other will be an as-yet-unnamed speedster. (Yes, another one.)

Speaking of speedsters, how about that Kid Flash? When Lonsdale asked the crowd how we felt about his new costume, the room erupted. Asked how Kid Flash will compare to The Flash, Lonsdale said, “There are similar qualities. He’s Kid Flash, so I tried to play him with a young, lighthearted, almost cockiness to him that can almost be his downfall. But he’s just in a really good place mentally. He’s never been more sure of himself.”

When discussing the changes caused by Flashpoint, Todd Helbing said, “This is something that’s going to ripple through the whole season.” Flashpoint does not undo Barry’s particle accelerator zap, but it does turn Cisco into an “ostentatious billionaire.” When asked, “How does that happen?” Valdes replied drily, “Well, so Barry turned back time, and he created a different timeline in the process. Some would call that Flashpoint… His specialty is making money. Like, legitimately, that’s all his arc. He’s always flexing how much money he has and how rich he is. That’s pretty much his best qualities.” But don’t worry – we’re not losing quick, quippy Cisco. “He’ll still have quips – he’s still very quick, he’s still an engineer at heart, he’s fascinated by how the world works. At his heart, he’s still Cisco.” I cannot wait for this.

What will likely be the saddest repercussion of Flashpoint is the newly distant relationship between Barry and Joe. Martin says Joe’s in a bad place in this new reality, and he’s a bit self-destructive – not that Barry’s going to let him self-destruct entirely. “Even though we’re not tight like that anymore, Barry is the one that makes sure Joe still has a job.”

So yeah, that will probably make me cry. Gustin and Martin acknowledged that their scenes often make viewers cry. Gustin shrugged, “It’s good storytelling. I think our real life bond is really strong, and Barry and Joe are so close. Joe’s always there for Barry, but Barry’s also there for Joe. It’s a really good relationship.”

Oh, and no big deal, but then they got up and showed off the soft-shoe routine they’ve been practicing. Martin is an accomplished singer and dancer, and he’s been taking Gustin under his tutelage. It was, seriously, the BEST.

OMG Jesse L Martin and Grant Gustin are soft-shoeing ❤️❤️❤️ #wbsdcc

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As seen in the footage, we’ll be watching Barry court Iris, who has no idea who he is. Gustin jokes, “I think his plan was just ‘I’m gonna find her, and it’s gonna work out.' Good old Barry logic.” Todd Helbing assuages any concerns about the delayed gratification of Barry and Iris’ finale kiss, “In Season 3, Barry and Iris ultimately find each other.”

Everyone was pretty vague about Cavanagh’s new reality. “Harry doesn’t exist anymore,” Gustin said, and Cavanagh joked, “What’s nice is, not being on the show, but being allowed to come to Comic-Con.” Everyone’s excited to play a new version of their character thanks to Flashpoint, but Cavanagh’s pretty accustomed to that already. “By the time this series ends, if I can get to the triple digit of characters that I play, that would be a nice little bucket list to check off.”

Felton, best known as Harry Potter’s Draco, made a good point. “Last time I was here, I was representing a franchise…symbolized by a lightning bolt.” When asked if we should view his character, a forensic analyst and potential rival for Barry, as a threat, he replied, “I think any character I play, you should see as a threat.”

And regarding cross-overs, which will be epic this season with all four series now on The CW, we learn two small scoops: Arrow’s Felicity will join The Flash in Season 3’s second episode, and though all of the series will be somewhat affected by Flashpoint, as they’re all in the same universe, “Arrow will be affected the most.”

The Flash’s third season will premiere on The CW on Tuesday, October 4.