SDCC: SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Reveals Vulture, High School Fun


Marvel's barn burner of a Hall H presentation today included footage from the now in production Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it really emphasized the high school aspect of the film. Opening with a Freaks and Geeks homage - Bad Reputation playing over yearbook photos of the Marvel heroes - the footage moved into a 'day in the life' montage of Peter Parker at Midtown High - where yes, they are prepping for homecoming. 

In math class Peter is sneaking a peek at YouTube footage of Spidey battling Giant-Man in CIvil War. The teacher asks a complex question and Tony Revelori asks it, but he's wrong. The teacher calls on Pete, who is obviously not paying attention, and he's able to rattle off the answer - to Revelori's anger.

Next up: Women's Studies. Yup, it's Peter and his buddy, played by Jacob Batalon, staring at girls as they walk by in the hall. "We have to stop this before it gets creepy," says Peter. "Too late," chips in Zendaya, playing a disheveled and attitudinal unnamed character sitting down the table from them. 

Then: chemistry! And Peter is secretly working on his web fluid formula at his lab station. 

Study group! But as they all talk, Peter gets a text. Something is happening, something that requires Spider-Man. When he says he has to leave, Zendaya asks "Where are you always disappearing to, Parker?" Quick cut to a montage of Spidey action - running on a truck, climbing a wall, fighting a thug - and back to Peter. 

"Ummm..." he says. 

"Just kidding," Zendaya sighs. "I don't care what you do."

And then the final reveal: the Vulture is the villain! You can see what he basically looks like in the image above. 

I loved loved loved what I saw. I know the whole movie can't be Peter in school, but the energy and chemistry and fun of the 'day in the life' stuff we saw was so great I could easily watch two hours of it.