SDCC: THE 100 Sizzle Reel And Season 4 Teaser

“This season, Clarke owns her power, she’s saved the world."

Yesterday creator Jason Rothenberg and the cast of The 100 hit Ballroom 20 to reveal a new sizzle reel and teaser for Season 4. It looks GREAT: 

In attendance, in addition to Rothenberg: Eliza Taylor (Clarke), Lindsey Morgan (Raven), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia), Henry Ian Cusick (Kane), Richard Harmon (Murphy) and Chris Larkin (Monty).

We learned a bit about Season 4, most compellingly that Clarke is now owning her position of authority, doubting herself less and understanding what it means to be a leader. I've been ready for that since Day 1, though I think Clarke's journey has been a strong and engaging one, so I'm excited to see her truly take charge and feel confident about it.

And as for the big bad in Season 4? Just a little guy called Planet Earth. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg said,

The earth strikes back in Season 4, it is an unbeatable foe. It quickly becomes about not how to stop it, because stopping it is not possible, but how do we survive? There aren’t enough lifeboats, so who gets to choose who lives?

 There's been a lot of controversy about the (SPOILER) death of Lexa in Season 3, with fans arguing that the writers had succumbed to the Bury Your Gays trope, and Rothenberg addressed that somewhat: 

The finale was designed from day one … we always knew Lexa was coming back in the finale, we always knew there was going to be this triumphant, emotional return, but it was also designed as a finale. So Lexa’s gone, she’s not coming back to the show, but ultimately the flame is an important thing.

The 100 is known for the brutal, relentless whittling down of its cast, and one castmember in particular just barely squeaked by in Season 3: Jasper, played by Devon Bostick, was originally going to "blow his brains out," but Rothenberg decided that was "too dark," even for this pitch-dark show. 

It was a horrible way to leave what was a really dark season. Plus I felt like there was more in the tank for Jasper. It was something that I, in my gut, didn’t feel right about, so I cut it and we found the better ending.

The 100  returns to The CW in the spring.