SDCC: THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Trailer Is Online And Hilarious

“Life doesn’t give you seatbelts!”

Unlike every other San Diego Comic-Con trailer revealed today in Hall H, The Lego Batman Movie took a while to get online. Maybe they wanted you to sweat it out a bit first. You know, just to be funny. In any case, here it finally is:

As you probably expected, this is filled with great jokes. After all these years of being stuck with a serious, brooding Batman, it’s about time we have a movie focused on (lovingly) making fun of this rich guy who dresses like a bat and invites kids into his home to lend him a hand.

The relationship between Batman and Robin supplies this trailer with its central focus, but you can tell from some of the brief cuts that the Joker and even the Justice League will play a role as well. You can even get a brief taste of what Zack Galifianakis’ Joker will sound like, when laughing anyway. But mostly this is a nice primer for Michael Cera’s Robin and Ralph Fiennes' calm and refined Alfred. Robin in particular could be a real scene stealer.

In any case, this movie is going to be awesome, and it’s likely to make a gazillion dollars. I can’t wait to finally see it.