Bryan Fuller reveals SJW TREK!

Bryan Fuller, showrunner of the upcoming Star Trek show on CBS All Access, hosted the Star Trek 50th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con, bringing reps from all the previous Trek shows to the stage. And along the way he revealed the title of his new series: Star Trek: Discovery

That's the name of the show AND the ship; in a small teaser we saw the Discovery (NCC-1031) coming out of an asteroid space dock. Is this a secret ship? It seems like a cool but strange place from which to launch a starship. 

As for the design of the ship: imagine a standard Starfleet saucer on a Bird of Prey, with nacelles on the wings. That's sort of how it looked to me. In the clip it had a cool brushed metal look. In shape it reminded me of this old Star Trek: The Motion Picture concept art (h/t to @filmmiker): 

But make up your own mind, since the video popped up online as I wrote this: 

Fuller himself said all the right on the panel, leaning heavily on how much Trek is about progressive and inclusive values. "The new series has to remind the audience of the meaning of Trek. It has to continue to be progressive," he said. "It has to continue telling stories in the legacy of Gene Roddenberry, telling stories of hope. 

"Starships are not built with cynicism. They are not built with hate. They are built with science," Fuller also said. He talked A LOT about inclusion and hope, exactly the things I want to hear from a Trek showrunner.

Other details were scarce. As we already knew, Fuller said the new show will be serialized, not episodic. Specifically he said it would be told like a novel. 

Intriguingly, Fuller said that he had been doing research for the new show and that he had talked to astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison about how Uhura had inspired her. Was this a hint that we will finally get a black woman as captain on a Trek series? 

We will find out soon enough; I'm incredibly psyched for Star Trek: Discovery