Report: Disney Had The Foresight To Lock Alden Ehrenreich Into Three HAN SOLO Movies

Alden Ehrenreich's gonna be a busy dude.

According to an exclusive report over at the New York Daily News, Disney's willing to produce an entire trilogy of Han Solo movies with newly-hired star Alden Ehrenreich!


Here's what they're saying.

Disney has quietly signed the 26-year-old Hail, Caesar! star to a three-picture deal, insiders tell [email protected], paving the way for more Han Solo flicks if the one currently being written strikes gold at the box office.

This probably sounds more exciting than it actually is. Of course Disney wants Phil Lord and Chris Miller's Han Solo film to be successful. Of course they had the foresight to sign Ehrenreich to appear as this character in more than one film. Of course they will make these movies until we just can't take it anymore, just as long as they're raking in the bucks. Of course. They're running a business.

Is it cool they've got Ehrenreich locked in for the foreseeable future? Yeah, for sure. But there's nothing in this report to suggest that the first Han Solo movie is being planned as the first part of a trilogy, nor have Miller or Lord (or writers Lawrence and Jake Kasdan) indicated that that's what they're aiming for. 

Until we hear otherwise, be aware that all of this is par for the course, and not the Star Wars bombshell that some might be painting it as. Not yet, anyway.