Everyone’s Coming Back For MALLRATS 2 Except Maybe Ben Affleck

The series will be like "one gigantic blob of soap opera with a lot of dick jokes in it."

In a new interview with Deadline Hollywood, Kevin Smith has shared some new information on the Mallrats TV series he's been working on with Universal: who's coming back, what the show's gonna be like, and where they're hoping it'll end up.

For starters, Smith says:

"I just sat down with the good folks at Universal last week. Our deal’s closed and whatnot, and I walked them through the 10 episodes. As I broke them down, I white-boarded them all, and so Episode 1 and 2 on one board, 3 and 4 on another, and so forth and so on, so I did the whole walk-through to be like, this is what happens this episode, this is what happens this episode, here’s the family tree. You know, it’s a multigenerational story, so it’s about all the kids in Mallrats and all the kids they had, taking my cues from one of my favorite programs in the world, Degrassi: The Next Generation.

"So I walked them through everything, and Mallrats as a series is kind of like one gigantic blob of soap opera with a lot of dick jokes in it."

Smith goes on to explain that Mallrats: The Series will be comprised of ten half-hour episodes, and that virtually everyone from the original cast is slated to return (possible exception: Ben Affleck), and that they're currently shopping the project around to various streaming services and cable networks, places where the project's profanity won't be a problem. According to Smith, Mallrats: The Series has "a lot of cussing in it and stuff".

Smith also alleges that the series will be "pretty damn fun and funny and stuff". 

Stay tuned for more on Mallrats: The Series as updates become available.