Sounds Like We’re Getting A Whole Bunch Of TWIN PEAKS Next Summer

More TWIN PEAKS than you can shake a plastic-wrapped Homecoming Queen at.

Ray Wise was at SDCC over the weekend, where he appeared as part of a panel meant to promote DC Animation's The Killing Joke. While onstage, someone asked him about Showtime's forthcoming Twin Peaks reboot, and Wise had some not-so-new information to confirm for us.

For starters, Wise says that Twin Peaks will return to television next summer. This hasn't yet been confirmed by Showtime, but it does fall in line with previous reports that had the show's return pegged for the "second quarter" of 2017. 

Furthermore, Wise claimed that the show's heavily-hyped third season would consist of 18 new episodes, all of which will be directed by David Lynch. We already knew that Lynch's return to Twin Peaks would be a sprawling affair (remember that gigantic cast list from a while back?), but still: it's good hearing this from someone involved. Much like the premiere date situation, Showtime has not confirmed an episode count yet.

We're still not convinced that returning to Twin Peaks is the best idea ever, but come on: this is 18 new hours' worth of David Lynch-directed material. No matter how you cut it, that's an event, and one we hope turns out to be one worth celebrating.

Stay tuned for more on Showtime's Twin Peaks as it becomes available.