You Can Practically Smell The Booze Wafting Off The First BAD SANTA 2 Trailer

It's beginning to look a lot like raging alcoholism.

A confession: I have, up until now, been very unsupportive towards the idea of a Bad Santa sequel.

Then I saw the teaser trailer below, Bad Santa 2's first, and my heart immediately grew three times its size. I am powerless against it.

The original Bad Santa is one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies. Like Gremlins or Scrooged, it's a film that gets an annual viewing in my home during the holidays. It has long been my opinion that no sequel could possibly match the unhinged brilliance of Terry Zwigoff's original - particularly with a new team of writers and a new director at the helm - but perhaps I'm just being a stick in the mud.

For one thing, you've got Mark Waters (who made the legitimately great Mean Girls) directing. For another, the plot apparently revolves around Willie T. Stokes (Billy Bob Thornton) and his foul-mouthed mother (Kathy Bates) joining forces to rip off a charity. For a third, I just miss Billy Bob Thornton. I am skeptical, but I gotta admit that my ticket's already been sold.

Will Bad Santa 2 be a worthy successor? We'll find out when it arrives on November 23rd. You gonna see it or what?